Accoucheur's Emergency Manual

Treatise on homeopathic obstetrics - 1895
William A. Yingling, MD

This little treasure presents the therapeutics of labor and includes a short repertory. 110 years later it's still useful in the delivery room. Of particular note are Dr. Yingling's comments concerning the length of time to wait for reaction after giving a remedy in emergency situations.

From The Faces of Homoeopathy
by Julian Winston

Let me say to every homoeopath that when called to the bedside of a parturient woman, you may forget your forceps and you may forget your chloroform bottle, but do not forget Yingling's Accoucheur's Emergency Manual.

That is a long name for a little book, but its name is too short for its merits and usefulness. It contains all the knowledge necessary to meet all the dangers and delays of dystocia, convulsions, retained placenta, haemorrhages, after pains and the primary dangers threatening the infant.

Of course I am speaking of the medical treatment, but you will find the better you are prepared for this, the less need there will be for mechanical and surgical measures.

It is a marvel of the book-makers art, such as only Boericke and Tafel can produce, and it fits the hip pocket beautifully.

Excerpted from
Hahnemannian Advocate
"The Homeopathic Library" 1896