Dose & Potency in Homeopathic Practice

Understanding Potency and Dose in Homeopathic Practice

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This 5-session recorded course, is a careful exploration of dose, potency and repetition of dose (posology) in homeopathic clinical practice.

In the context of specific case examples (both acute and chronic), these 10 hours of study will help you transfer the material to direct application in your clinical practice.

This course reviews the history of dose and potency in our tradition, and relevant lessons for our work today.

Additional topics covered include:

  • examples and exercises in potency selection in a variety of acute and chronic cases
  • the early development of dose & potency over Hahnemann's lifetime
  • Skinner Potentizer
  • recommendations & practices of notable historical & contemporary practitioners ~ as they practiced, as well as what they wrote about it
  • schools of practice promoted in the 1980's rebirth of homeopathy ~ notably the approaches of Vithoulkas and Eizayaga
  • 50-millesimal (LM, Q) potencies - use & management
  • the use of crude and tincture doses in homeopathic practice

Your Instructor

Will Taylor

"My goal is to help you develop specific skills in casework
and materia medica study which you can apply productively in every-day practice."

Dr. Will Taylor, a research scientist, medical doctor and naturalist, employs, in his own practice, a flexible approach to potency - including the use of LMs, the full range of centesimal potencies, and the use of tincture doses. In his initial homeopathic training, the issue of dose & potency was put off month after month, until the explanation in the final session that this might need to wait for a postgraduate course. After 20 years, Dr. Taylor is finally getting around to this.

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Dose & Potency in Homeopathic Practice

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A great course all around. I'm sure I'll do others.
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