Rated as Top 10 Best Homeopathic Doctors in the world by Pioneer University, Oxon U.K., and Members of the Board of the Pioneer Homoeopathic Academy of U.K and thereafter conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Homeopathy in 2006

Dr. Master has been independently practicing as a Homeopathic Physician at Mumbai's Homeopathic Health Center, with over 29 years of experience in Homeopathic consultation and treatment. He was the first doctor India to introduce Homeopathy in Allopathic Modern Hospitals as well as in the private sector. He was the first to open a pediatrics department in Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital. He was the first to open a cancer department in Ruby Hall Hospital. He was the only homoeopath who was given a chance by a Government Hospital – King Edward Memorial Hospital to open a homoeopathic department.

The Materia Medica of Grief

Original Air Date: June 2015

 ACHENA Approved for 4 Hours!

In this two-session course, Dr. Farokh Master will discuss our two most commonly used grief remedies. Using cases from his own extensive practice of more than 37 years, as well as vivid remedy differentials, he will illustrate nuances little known in practice.

The loss of a loved one, whether a life partner, a child, a pet or a friend, can be a life-changing experience. Grief can cause complex emotional and physiological responses that lead to physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and spiritual disturbances.

Over the last two centuries, the timely use of Ignatia and Natrium muriaticum has eased the suffering of innumerable homeopathic patients. These are two of our best known remedies, indispensible in both the clinic and the home remedy kit. Yet, these two polychrests are not always easy to recognize. Grief can be fresh and visible, or it may be hidden by the sediment of years and habit.

All too often, these sensitive, self-protective and secretive patients challenge our ability to prescribe a good remedy. As a homeopath, do you know how to recognize the effects of grief?

Join one of the world's most clinically experienced practitioners for an intimate look at the remedies that have done so much over the years to assuage the emotional and physical pain of those whose health has been untuned by the loss of a loved one.

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The Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetes

Original Air Date: July 7 - 28 2015

 ACHENA Approved for 8 Hours!

Diabetes mellitus is so famously difficult to treat and the cases so challenging to manage that many homeopaths shy away from accepting diabetes cases. The insidious sugar disorder occurs at the cellular level, and its homeopathic treatment requires both constitutional and miasmatic approaches. Yet, with its rising prevalence, diabetes mellitus is the metabolic disorder most likely to be encountered by homeopaths in the coming years.

Homeopathic practitioners-of-old worked with diabetes frequently. In a materia medica search, the word “diabetes” appears in hundreds of remedies, in references spanning the centuries between Samuel Hahnemann and Roger Morrison. Bernoville’s summary of diabetes treatment covers 43 remedies ranging from Sulphur to Syzygium. The literature is rich with cured cases.

Join Dr. Farokh Master for this eight-hour class on the homeopathic treatment of diabetes mellitus. Dr. Master will teach the causes and presentations of diabetes, the assessment of diabetes cases and homoeopathic management. He will also cover the most common and serious complications of the disease, including neuropathies, angiopathies, stroke and abscess.

Learn from one of the world’s most experienced prescribers!

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Dreams & Homeopathy

Original Air Date: December 8 – 9 2015

 ACHENA Approved for 4 Hours!

Learn more about Dreams & Homeopathy