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WholeHealthNow's courses are the most successful programs of their kind, and are highly regarded by students, practitioners and leaders within the homeopathic community.

These Online Mini-Courses have never been produced on disc. Due to popular request, we are now retrieving these courses from our archives and offering them as Online Mini-Courses. You may work these courses at your own pace, with the same high quality recordings and course materials you have come to expect from WholeHealthNow.

  • Each session is approximately 2 hours. You'll have access to streaming video of the live session, complete with visuals.
  • YOU set the pace
  • YOU receive Verification of Participation for Homeopathic Education Hours
  • YOU receive Mozilla Badge Credit
  • YOU may view these sessions on your mobile device

Self-paced courses may be viewed on your mobile device!

Video links are provided in 2 formats - For viewing on regular computers & laptops (both Windows & Mac), and for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android devices).

Verification of Participation

Each session includes a multiple choice quiz, and a passing grade is considered 80% or higher. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you may re-take each quiz as many times as needed. Once you have passed all quizzes associated with your course, you may download a Verification of Attendance letter. Credit is awarded only for full completion of the course; no credit is offered for partial completion.

Mozilla Badges available

Offered in addition to our standard "Verification of Attendance" letter - once you have successfully completed the quizzes for your course (80% or better) you will automatically receive a Mozilla Badge documenting course completion. This will be sent to you via email, and will also be placed on your User Profile page on our WHN Courses site. If you'd like, you can create an account on the Mozilla Badges Backpack site to collect and display your course completion badges. Mozilla Badges are an emerging standard of documentation for online learning. If you have any questions regarding these badges, please consult the Mozilla Open Badges Project page at

From the time of Purchase you will be granted access to the course support site and all course materials for a period of 6 months. You may view all recorded sessions, access downloadable cases, handouts and supplementary readings, complete all quizzes and print a Certificate of Homeopathic Education Hours at your own pace within that 6-month period.

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Titles available in our Online Courses series are:

Epidemics: Ebola, SARS, Influenza

Instructor Title Price # of hrs  
Paul Herscu, ND Epidemics: Ebola, SARS, Influenza $100 $80

Using Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease

Instructor Title Price# of hrs  
Kim Elia Using Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease $50 $40

The Study of Materia Medica with Kim Elia

Title Price# of hrs  
The Study of Materia Medica - Introduction & Veratrum album $50 $40
The Hell of Helleborous $50 $40
Materia Medica of Autism, Part 1 & 2 $100 $80
Materia Medica of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder $100 $80
Materia Medica of 'Aethusa cynapium' $50 $40
The Materia Medica of Kali carbonicum and the Kali Salts $100 $80

Modern Practice Series

Tutor Title Price # of hrs  
Karen Allen The Homeopathic Treatment of Urinary Disorders $50 $40
Gabrielle Traub Homeopathy for Drug-induced Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder (Teaching through cases) $50 $40
Iris Bell Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment: Parallels with the Banerji Homeopathic Remedy Protocols $50 $40
Todd Rowe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder $50 $40
Amy Lansky & Jerry Kantor Homeopathy and Autism: A Unique Opportunity for Transformation & Field Notes from an Autism Spectrum Clinician $50 $40
Miranda Castro Beyond Aconite and Sulphur $50 $40

Modern Masters Series

Tutor Title Price # of hrs  
Jayesh Shah Experience of Polarities - The Secret of
the Vital force and Healing
$50 $40
Roger Morrison &
Nancy Herrick
Understanding Hamamelidae Remedies
through Cases
$50 $40
Jeremy Sherr Understanding the Noble Gases $50 $40
Shachindra &
Bhawisha Joshi
Understanding Cats - Comparing all the Big Cats & their Human Reflections $50 $40
Frans Vermeulen & Linda Johnston Further Investigations Into the Botanical
Family Approach
$50 $40

Ralf Jeutter - An Exceptional Series

For DVDs or to register for all three modules: Click here
Title Price # of hrs  
Module 1 -Treating Dysmenorrhoea and other Gynaecological Complaints $100 $80
Module 2 - Acute Cases from Ghana $100 $80
Module 3 -Finding the Newly Proven Remedy $100 $80

Douglas Falkner

Title Price # of hrs  
Becoming an Objective Observer -
The Homeopath's Golden Key
$50 $40
Eating Disorders -
The Homeopathic Treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia
$100 $80

Your Purchase of each online session includes access to the recorded presentations, and all posted course materials including PowerPoint presentations, notes and handouts. Once purchased all materials will be available to you on our course website. Your Purchase does not include recorded discs of these sessions.

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Refund Policy: No refunds issued for WHN courses

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What others are saying...

It's like attending a costly seminar in your own home without the expense. The classes have helped to re-spark the student in me.
Jody Forsyth-Oversby
I love the course - the teachers and the materials are great, and it's a very convenient format/venue as well. Congratulations and keep up the good work!!
Nathalie Allen (Instructor, Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Canada)
You are doing a great job, and we will continue to recommend your lectures to our students. I have attended quite a few seminars but I believe your materia medica studies and the advice you are giving to students regarding repertorization is the absolute best I have ever heard.
Maria Bohle (Director, BIH - USA)

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