The Theory of Chronic Disease According to Hahnemann

The Theory of Chronic Disease According to Hahnemann

  • George Dimitriadis





George Dimitriadis is an excellent authority on the methodological understanding of Hahnemann's work concerning his thesis on Chronic Disease.

This work will further the understanding for both the serious student and veteran practitioner alike.

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ISBN 0-9757713-0-2


This work is an objective review of Hahnemann's theory of chronic disease aimed both at the serious student and the professional homoeopath.

George examines Hahnemann's own writings and provides a concise review for the sake of forming a clear understanding of this often misrepresented subject.

Hahnemann's general psora model is shown to extend from his observations of the fixed epidemic and the venereal diseases, and then compared with the modern-day infectious model of disease with which it is found largely identical.

George further highlights both the difficulties as well as the significant impact of this model on the everyday clinical situation.

In his usual style, George provides the reader with a detailed and thoroughly referenced work which may be used as a basis for further reflection and study. This book will be found a valuable addition to the homoeopathic library.

A must for practitioner, teacher, and student alike


Prologue -- 6
Protologue - in search of the cause -- 8
Hahnemann on chronic diseases -- 10
Itch & non-venereal chronic disease -- 15
The Itch miasm -- 31
Internal Psora -- 36
Removing the misconceptions -- 40
Clinical significance of Hahnemann's model -- 53
Difficulties with Hahnemann's model -- 55
Further reading -- 60
Bibliography -- 61

George Dimitriadis

George Dimitriadis has taught Homoeopathy for over 20 years, both in Australia and overseas, and contributed numerous articles to various professional journals.

He heads the Hahnemann Institute Sydney, and is author of four previous books on Homoeopathy, and most recently Editor of The Bonninghausen Repertory - Therapeutic Pocketbook Method (TBR).

George has spent the last nine years researching and more recently teaching his method in Australia and NZ. His revealing findings have been published in a series of articles in Germany (ZKH) and the US (AJHM).

George is a leading authority on this reportorial method of Bonninghausen, and has used TBR exclusively in his clinic for more than five years.