Sea Remedies - Evolution of the Senses

Sea Remedies - Evolution of the Senses

  • Jo Evans


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Exploring the evolution of the senses in relation to the invertebrate marine animal remedies, this book is an excellent source of biological and material medica information.

Family and remedy essences are presented with stunning photographs and artwork.

657 pp hb
ISBN 978076189239


Sample Chapter (pdf)
Index (pdf)

The book falls into two main sections:

An exploration of the evolution of the senses, beginning with the sensory systems of marine invertebrates. The chemical senses (taste and smell), vision, hearing and touch are explored in individual chapters. Each chapter ends with an appendix of the relevant sensory symptoms for the corresponding homeopathic remedies.

Detailed materia medica of twenty four marine invertebrate remedies used in homeopathy. Remedies are presented in sections according to Phylum and each section includes:

  • A tree of life for the Phylum in relation to available homeopathic remedies.
  • Natural history of the Phylum
  • A summary of group themes for the remedies within this Phylum.
  • A detailed study of each remedy including: colour photographs; summary of remedy; classification; proving details; remedy source; detailed materia medica arranged according to the senses (as well as sensation and function); homeopathic cases; other medical uses; poisonings; natural history; a study of the symbolism, mythology and signature behind the substance.

For the perception of light, or some form of vision, there are and have been, many forms. The scallop's necklace of pearl-like eyes, sometimes called the necklace of Venus; eyes on stalks; eyes in skin or dotted on the surface of shells; chambered eyes with pinholes; crystals, rods, cones and lenses.

Though we possess highly evolved eyes, similar to those of a squid, the acute sense of danger we associate with looming dark objects is essentially like that of a bed of oysters contracting with fear as the shadow of a boat passes overhead.

Our ears, containing a snail-like structure filled with salty liquid, evolved from the gill arches of reptiles and our skin may blush in the face of an admirer, just as a cuttlefish communicates interest in a potential mate by means of changing body patterning and colouration. Like algae and sea urchins, we too emit pheromones.

Most animal embryos pass through a fish-like stage, but by looking further back into evolution, to the earliest forms of animal life in the sea, one can see the true origins of our finely tuned senses: the five pillars that guard our survival at the most basic level and also raise us to loftier heights: sensory, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.


Evolution and the Unity of the Senses -- 14
Myth, Mirror and Healing -- 17
Alienation and Inner Space -- 19


The Nose Knows -- 25
Fantastic Voyage -- 27
Smell: A Sense Base or Sublime? -- 29
Alchemy of the Sperm Whale -- 32
Smelling and Tasting in the Oceans -- 37
Sensations and Symptoms: Smell, Taste, Chemical Messaging -- 41

In Darkness -- 49
Inner Space: As Above, So Below -- 51
Feeling Light -- 53
Watercolours and Tricks of the Light -- 55
The Colour Purple -- 57
Ocean Eyes -- 59
Cnidarian Vision, Cnidarian Senses -- 62
Overwhelmed by the Senses: Tropisms -- 63
The Brilliance of Brainless Coral -- 66
Third Eye: Cnidarians and the Pineal Gland -- 66
Powers Beyond Seeing -- 69
Self-Consciousness in Sea Animal Remedies -- 70
Additional sea remedies: sense of self consciousness -- 71
An Eye for an Eye -- 72
Spies of Light -- 73
Relevance to the Cnidarian remedy provings (jellyfish, coral, anemones) -- 74
Sensations and Symptoms: Vision -- 75

The Paradox of Touch -- 85
Of Life and Limb -- 87
Te Language of the Skin -- 99
Sensitivity and Numbness -- 101
On Having a Shell -- 102
On Being Armoured or Disrobed -- 103
Sensations and Symptoms: Touch -- 105

The Dance of the Sea -- 113
Dance, Society and Invertebrate Mood Modulators -- 117
Notes on the Evolutionary Origins of Music and Language -- 119
Singing the World: Homeopathic Poetry -- 120
Sensations and Symptoms: Hearing, Singing, Dancing, Movement -- 122
Evolutionary Echoes: birds, insects, spiders -- 126

Materia Medica

marine sponges -- 129

Tree of Life -- 130
Natural History -- 131
Spongia tosta (roasted sea sponge) -- 133

coral, sea anemones and jellyfish -- 159

Tree of Life -- 160
Cnidarian Remedies -- 161
Natural History -- 165
Cnidarians (sea anemone) in homeopathy -- 165
Corallium rubrum (red gorgonian coral) Anthozoa -- 169
Anthopleura xanthogrammica (giant green sea anemone) Anthozoa -- 191
Stichodactyla haddoni (Haddon’s sea anemone) Anthozoa -- 211
Physalia pelagica (Portuguese man of war) Hydrozoa -- 221
Medusa or Aurelia Aurita (moon jellyfish) Scyphozoa -- 231
Chironex fl eckeri (box jellyfish) Cubozoa -- 243

starfish and sea urchins -- 255

Tree of Life -- 256
Echinoderm Remedies -- 257
Natural History -- 258
Acanthaster planci (crown of thorns starfish) Asteroidea -- 261
Asterias rubens (red starfish) Asteroidea -- 275
Toxopneustes pileolus (flower urchin) Echinoidea -- 291

lobster and horseshoe crab -- 301

Tree of Life -- 302
Natural History -- 303
Limulus cyclops (horseshoe crab) Cheliceramorpha -- 305
Homarus gammarus (European lobster) Crustacea -- 325

sea shells -- 341

Tree of Life -- 342
Natural History -- 345
Gastropods Natural History -- 344
Sea Remedies: Evolution of the Senses
Marine Mollusc Remedies: the shells-- 346
Cypraea eglantina (dog rose cowrie ) Gastropod -- 349
Murex (Tyrian purple dye) Gastropod -- 365
Marine molluscs: bivalves -- 380
Pecten jacobaeus (scallop) Bivalve -- 383
Venus mercenaria (clam) Bivalve -- 391
Calcarea carbonica (oyster shell) Bivalve -- 417
Conchiolinum (mother of pearl) -- 441
Summary of Pearl Remedies -- 461
Mytilus edulis pearl (pearl of blue mussel) Bivalve -- 463
Pearl (pearl of oyster) Bivalve -- 467
Pearl Signature and Symbol -- 477

nautilus, octopus, squid, cuttlefish -- 483

Tree of Life -- 484
Cephalopod Remedies -- 485
Natural History -- 489
Nautilus (nautilus) Nautilida -- 493
Sepia offi cinalis (sepia/cuttlefish ink) Sepiida -- 503
Eledone cirrhosa (lesser ocopus) Ocopoda -- 521
Onychoteuthis banksii (clubhook squid) Teuthida -- 533

Part I: The Homeopathic Process -- 541

Spiral as Symbol -- 543
Non-Dual Duality -- 546
Spirit and Sensibility -- 548
A Remembered Present -- 552

Part II: Spirals and Shell remedies -- 556

The Spiral and the Goddess -- 559
Left and Right Handed Shells -- 562
Which Way to Turn? -- 563
Sexuality and the Shell Remedies -- 564
Anima and Animus: Reciprocal Spirals -- 567
Uroboros: Cycles and Spirals -- 568
Tree in One -- 570
I Rise Again -- 571
Polarity and Duality -- 572
Darkness and Light -- 575
Into the Labyrinth -- 579
Shadow and Sex -- 580
Shells and Moon -- 586
The Sinistral Way: The Copper Breathers -- 587
Life Breath: From Gills to Lungs -- 591
Air and Soul -- 594

Remedy Index Introduction
The Shell in the Desert: Assigning Value -- 595
Summary of Shell Symbolism -- 599
Material to Spiritual: The Journey -- 600
Spiral Chambers -- 603
Conclusion -- 605

INDEX -- 639

Remedy Index

Acanthaster planci Crown of Thorns Starfish Acan-p. 261
Anthopleura xanthogrammica Giant Green Sea Anemone Anthop-x. 191
Asterias rubens Red Starfish Aster. 275
Calcarea carbonica Middle layer of oyster shell Calc. 417
Chironex fl eckeri Box Jellyfish Chir-fl. 243
Conchiolinum Mother of Pearl Conch. 441
Corallium rubrum Red Gorgonian Coral Cor-r. 169
Cypraea eglantine Dog Rose Cowrie Cypra-e. 349
Eledone cirrhosa Lesser Ocopus Eled-c. 521
Homarus gammarus European Lobster Hom. 325
Limulus Cyclops Horseshoe Crab Lim. 305
Medusa or Aurelia aurita Moon Jellyfish Medus. 231
Murex Tyrian Purple Dye Murx. 365
Mytilus edulis pearl Pearl from Blue Mussel shell Myt-e-p. 463
Nautilus Nautilus Naut. 493
Onychoteuthis banksii Clubhook Squid Onych. 533
Pearl Pearl of Oyster Pearl 467
Pecen jacobaeus Scallop Pec. 383
Physalia pelagica Portuguese Man of War Physala-p. 221
Sepia officinalis Sepia/Cuttlefish Ink Sep. 503
Spongia tosta Roasted Sea Sponge Spong. 133
Stichodacyla haddoni Haddon’s Sea Anemone Stich-h. 211
Toxopneustes pileolus Flower Urchin Toxopn. 291
Venus mercenaria Clam Ven-m. 391


Franz Swoboda
MD, Austria. Editor of Documenta Homoeopathica, Homoeopathic Physician.

"This book offers an invitation: a subtle and simply irresistible one. From myth to neuroscience, from provings to cases, it offers the reader every possible approach. Diving for our antecedents in evolution, we rediscover senses that we have long forgotten. Emerging from the depths of this work, sea remedies cease to be just remedies. Future homeopathic books will be measured against this one."


Jane Cicchetti
RSHom(NA), CCH, Homeopath, international teacher and author of Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy, publ. North Atlantic books, USA

"A beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched book on the sea remedies that stands to become a classic. Sea Remedies, Evolution of the Senses expands one's understanding of these valuable remedies by providing a vast amount of empirical data on provings and medical application, as well as stimulating the imagination through an intimate understanding of the substance and its role in mythology."


Andreas N. Bjørndal
MNHL, Homeopath and Principal of the Norwegian Academy of Natural Medicine, Oslo

"This book is the most extensive collection of remedies from the realm of the oceans, and takes homeopathic materia medica to a deeper level of understanding. The author's sensitivity of perception and ability to extract the vital information from natural science, qualitative science, literature and the homeopathic knowledge-base, comes together in a coherent presentation of sensations and functions, valuable polarities, and common themes of groups and sub-groups. The beautiful design and pictures bring you, like a dive, face to face with the colourful sea realm and its remedies."


Alastair C Gray
MSc, RSHom, Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine, Educator and Trainer in Homeopathic, Natural and Integrative Medicine, Australia, New Zealand and internationally

"Quality homeopathic source books are fundamental to our accuracy as prescribers. Coordinating, compiling, researching and participating in some of the provings that have contributed to this work has been an all consuming labour of love for many years. To see them so beautifully incorporated into this great body of work by Jo Evans is so personally and professionally satisfying. She has done a fantastic job of bringing these new medicines to life, and to important practical use within the homeopathic community."


Maurizio Italiano MD
Lecturer in Classical Homeopathy at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine, Centre for Research in Medical Bioclimatology, Biotechnologies and Natural Medicines, State University of Milan. Scientific Director of Dulcamara, accredited teaching centre of the Faculty of Homeopaths (UK), in Genoa, Italy.

"This is a beautiful and phenomenologically meaningful book. It focuses on the ways in which the senses create our idea of reality. Our senses guide us in the most basic challenges we face, just as with the early animals such as the sponge or starfish, of exploring our environment and interacting with all life forms. The author invites us to experience the sea remedies by means of the senses. This is a journey into the depth of our innermost experience: the origins of life and of our emotions. The information in this book offers exceptional opportunities for both homeopathic patients and prescribers. It offers an opportunity to step back to the early stages of life, in order to live harmoniously in the present and to create a positive future."