Sacred Plants Human Voices

Sacred Plants Human Voices

  • Nancy Herrick, NA, PA


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On the heels of Herrick's animal provings, this new book on plants is a much needed addition to the materia medica.

It offers a deeper understanding of Lotus, Ginseng, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Mandragora, and Rose.

553 pp pb

From the Book

Following along similar lines as her new book, Animal Minds, Human Voices, Nancy Herrick has done seven new provings on some very special plant remedies.

-Rose of St. Francis
-Ancient Rose

These ancient substances have been significant forces in healing for millenia. They are now powerful new tools for our 21st century materia medica.

"In the ever widening landscape of the Homeopathic Materia Medica, it is only the scientific method of provings that will illuminate every flower, animal or substance hitherto unknown.

"Hence, on the heels of animal provings like Lac delphinum (dolphin) and Lac equinum (horse), this new book on plants is a much needed addition to understand these remedies in a deeper way. The provings are enriched by Nancy's artistic instinct and instinctive feel of the remedies and linked to the universal truth through folklore.

A must read for every homeopath who wishes to achieve the similimum for the patient."
Divya Chabra

"Once again, the homeopathic community is indebted to Nancy Herrick not only for her pioneering investigations of new remedies that deserve to be better known, but above all for her courage in daring to try, in a serious, principled fashion, what nobody else will touch with a ten-foot pole - namely, to seek the bioenergetic 'essence' of each proving, and thus to provide a basis for students, colleagues, and future generations to establish or improve upon."
Richard Moskowitz

"Nancy has given us a great gift with her exciting provings on the sacred plants. I have prescribed her animal remedies, based upon the provings, with much success, and am looking forward to learning and using these fascinating new plant remedies."
Jeremy Sherr

"Nancy's book on Sacred Plants opens up a vital area which has not received enough justice so far.

"Like her book on Animal provings, this one too shows her painstaking research into each plant, followed by a detailed proving which is grouped according to themes and then made accessible by accurate indexing into rubrics.

"This very important work will go a long way in bringing these Sacred Plants to good use in Homepathy."
Rajan Sankaran


Foreword -- ix
Introduction -- xi
Acknowledgements -- xix

Lotus -- 1-108
Lotus Themes -- 11-30
Lotus Rubrics -- 31-42
Lotus Provers' Journals -- 43-108
Ginseng -- 109-174
Ginseng Themes -- 121-136
Ginseng Rubrics -- 137-144
Ginseng Provers' Journals -- 145-174
Mandragora -- 175-290
Mandragora Themes -- 183-222
Mandragora Rubrics -- 223-236
Mandragora Provers' Journals -- 237-290
Rosa Gallica -- 291-372
Rosa Gallica Themes -- 299-318
Rosa Gallica Rubrics -- 319-328
Rosa Gallica Provers' Journals -- 329-372
Rosa St. Francis -- 373-458
Rosa St. Francis Themes -- 383-406
Rosa St. Francis Rubrics -- 407-420
Rosa St. Francis Provers' Journals -- 421-458
Ayahuasca -- 459-510
Ayahuasca Themes -- 469-478
Ayahuasca Rubrics -- 479-486
Ayahuasca Provers' Journals -- 487-510
Anhalonium -- 511-542
Anhalonium Themes -- 519-538
Anhalonium Physical States -- 539-542

Bibliography -- 543-550
Resources -- 551-552
Ordering Information -- 553

Nancy Herrick, MA, PA

(1947 -     )

Nancy Herrick was born on December 13, 1947 in the USA. She was one of the members of the now historic Bay Area Homeopathic Study Group. She had her first job in health care at the Bay Area Women's Health Collective. At the Hering Family Health Clinic in 1974, Ms. Herrick began her 27 years as a homeopath.

In 1985, she was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Hahnemann Medical Clinic and the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy. Her main homeopathic teachers have been George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran.

Ms. Herrick is a widely respected homeopath and homeopathic educator. She began her extensive career as a lecturer in 1983 with the International Foundation for Homeopathy. Since that time she has lectured throughout Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and India. She has published widely both in the United States and abroad.

For the past five years, Ms. Herrick has been extensively involved in research developing new homeopathic medications including Lac Equinum, Lac Delphinum and Rosa Gallicia as well as fifteen other remedies. She has published eight of these studies in her book Animal Mind, Human Voices.

Ms. Herrick and Hahnemann College now offer a comprehensive introduction to classical homeopathy in video for home study. The program, Foundations of Homeopathy consists of actual live video taped lectures from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy four year professional course for licensed medical practitioners.

Learn more about the Foundations of Homeopathy video course.