The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease

The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease

  • Peter Alex


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Translated from the German by Doug Smith. The importance of this work, first published in German in 2005, cannot be overstated.
168 pp pb
ISBN 978-1934812006


In addition to the clarity of the author's presentation on the usefulness of Homeopathy in the treatment of Lyme disease, we are also gifted with his insight into the nature of epidemic disease in general, our positive interrelationship with bacteria and the trouble that may result whenever we disregard nature's laws.

Written for the homeopath as well as the layperson interested in getting to the cause of illness, this book contains a wealth of philosophical information and cogent practical advice on the treatment and prevention of Lyme disease using homeopathy.


Translator's Preface -- 9
Acknowledgments -- 11
Introduction -- 13

Part 1
Theory & Practice --15
Infectious Disease [F. Vermeulen, P. Alex] --15
Classification and Cultural Symbolism of the Spirochetes, [F. Vermeulen] -- 22
What is Lyme Disease? -- 28
Synergistic Factors in the Origin of Lyme Disease -- 33
Clinical Expressions of Lyme Disease [F. Vermeulen] -- 35
Allopathic Prevention and Therapy -- 51
Prevention through Homeopathy -- 53
Homeopathic Principles in the Treatment of Lyme Disease -- 59
Homeopathic Research in Lyme Disease -- 62
Conclusions -- 67

Part 2
Aurum arsenicosum - a Proving -- 73

Part 3
Case Reports -- 97
Homeopathic Cure of Lyme Disease
Cases 1-2 Bill Gray, Homeopathic MD-- 98
Case 3 Howard Fine, Naturopathic Physician-- 99
Case 4 Beth Rotundo, Homeopath -- 101
Cases 5-6 Matthias Richter, Naturopathic Physician -- 104
Case 7 Rocco Kirch, Naturopathic Physician -- 110
Case 8 Jens Kirchner, Veterinarian and Naturopathic Physician -- 114
Case 9 Alize Timmerman, Homeopath -- 119
Cases 10-15 Peter Alex, Veterinarian and Naturopathic Physician -- 123
Homeopathic Cure of Lyme Disease in Animals
Case 16 Jens Kirchner, Veterinarian and Naturopathic Physician -- 162
Bibliography -- 165

Peter Alex

Peter Alex is a Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician in Germany who has extensive experience in treating Lyme disease


From Simillimum
Volume XX Summer - Fall 2007
Reviewed By Neil Tessler ND DHANP

By Peter Alex translated from the German by Doug Smith

This is an outstanding homeopathic manual that should be owned by every practitioner. Lyme disease is a very serious condition that now infects much of the Northern Hemisphere and is associated with tick bites.

Parts of North America and particularly Germany have seen a dramatic increase in infections with great physical and cognitive suffering, and very little to offer from the allopathic side of the medical fence.

On the other hand, careful work by homeopaths in North America and Europe have brought to light several remedies of inestimable value in this condition.

Dr. Alex is both thorough and concise. He provides an overview of the subject of infectious disease and the symbiotic relationship between the human being and the bacterial environment.

He points out the astounding fact that the human body is composed of ninety one percent bacterial cells and only nine percent animal cells, leaving aside the organelles, such as mitochondria, that have a very great similarity to bacterial cells with which we have an ancient symbiotic relationship.

His discussion progresses into the arena of homeopathic prophylaxis and offers a chart of infectious diseases and their associated prophylactic remedies. He then goes on to discuss at some depth the spirochete family, of which Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease is a member.

The significance of this is that there is a marked similarity with the notorious spirochete Treponema pallidlum, that causes syphilis. The author provides a detailed discussion of the progress of Lyme disease and its symptom presentations. This is a prelude to the core presentation on homeopathic research and experience in the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease.

The major remedies that he discusses are Ledum and Aurum arsenicum, also offering a proving of the latter. Alex believes from his experience that Aurum Ars. is of special value in both prevention and treatment.

The balance of the book is a series of cases from a number of practitioners, demonstrating the successful treatment of Lyme disease with homeopathy.

Easy reading, both alarming and very highly informative; this is a book that should be digested by every practitioner as it may have important practical utility in the clinic.

Reprinted with permission from the
Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians

Editorial Reviews
From the description of the character and action of the spirochete and the close relationship of the borrelia bergdorfer in Lyme with the treponema pallida in syphilis, through speculations on Lyme Disease's possible link to hi-frequency transmissions and vaccination, "The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease" is a must read.

It includes a clear description of Lyme's clinical manifestations which every homeopath should be aware of as well as case reports from naturopaths, vets and homeopaths among whom are Bill Gray and Alize Timmerman as well as the author, Peter Alex.
— Diana Kehlmann

Lyme Disease is one of the most misunderstood of modern conditions. It is reaching epidemic proportions. In conventional medical circles, its treatment varies considerably, often with meagre results.

Homeopaths understand this complex disease and are prepared to treat it. This book is an excellent guide. It will truly help understanding how homeopathy can effectively cure this condition.
—Richard Pitt, RSHom, CCH