About Books Published in India

If you value information over packaging then consider the Indian edition. Book publishers in India have been printing homeopathic literature for a very long time. The equipment used is old-fashioned. This produces a book that is slightly shoddier than Western consumers are used to purchasing.

The book binders use different glues so Indian bindings can be more brittle. The paper can be coarser or flimsier and Indian ink can be a touch "whiffy" to those with environmental sensitivities.

The printers change the cover photos on the various books frequently. In recent years, they have been shipping only soft cover editions of books that were previously hardbound. Having said all that, Indian books offer a great option for folks who need to purchase a lot of books for their studies or practice.

The Indian editions contain all the same words as the more expensive editions but they tend to cost one half to one fifth the price of the same book produced in Europe or North America.

B Jain is the largest publisher of homeopathic materials in India. Here is an amusing anecdote...

The Cow That Made B. Jain

(as told to Kim Elia)

I often wonder just how a particular individual or family gets started in a certain line of business. While on a recent trip to India, I asked this question to Kuldeep Jain, of B. Jain Publishing, and was amazed at his response.

He explained to me that his father had been in the business of typing books. He once received an order from two homeopathic doctors wishing him to type several homeopathic volumes for them. Unfortunately, upon the job's completion, the doctors decided they no longer wished to pay for their order.

Mr. P.N. Jain, who was not well-to-do at the time and could not afford to assume the expenses he had incurred, decided to visit these doctors at the local homeopathic university to arrange some form of payment. He brought along his young son, Kuldeep, to help carry these homeopathic "jewels."

When they arrived at the university he asked Kuldeep to stay outside and guard the books while he went inside to have a discussion with the two doctors.

While Kuldeep patiently awaited his father's return, a wayward cow (the hero of our story) passed by and knocked the books to the ground.

Serendipity intervened, and the books scattered across the dry pavement at the precise moment the homeopathy students were leaving their classes. As the students passed by the strewn books, they stopped to help the young boy pick them up.

Examining the treasures in their hands, they began to inquire if they could purchase these valuable books directly from young Kuldeep. Kuldeep's father returned from his unsuccessful negotiations to find that all the books had been sold.

And so, on that fateful day, the family business was born! The cow continued on his merry way never to be heard from again, and the world was given the gift of B. Jain Publishers and their fine catalogue of Homeopathic and other health related books.

We are proud to offer B. Jain Publishers homeopathic books. And would like to give special thanks to two parsimonious doctors-and an auspicious cow!

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