Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination

Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination

  • Trevor Gunn


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Starting with the question, 'Do germs cause disease?', Trevor presents information to challenge vaccine safety and effectiveness, and the decline in disease. Suitable for patient education.

Particularly useful for homeopaths who find themselves called upon to present the subject of vaccination to their patients and/or the public.

49 pp pb
ISBN 9780955467806


This new booklet is based on the lecture of the same title presented by homeopath Trevor Gunn, and challenges many of the assumptions made about vaccination.

It will be particularly useful for homeopaths who find themselves called upon to present the subject of vaccination to their patients and/or the public. It presents all of the essential points with supporting documentation, historical, and scientific references.

Illness and susceptibility, consequences of acute disease, the immune system and a brief focus on polio, tetanus and travel are also included.

From the Book

"Questioning an established practice such as vaccination may on the surface seem like a vast and complicated task. However if we start by asking some of the basic questions, such as, what is the rationale of vaccinating, why and how was this method popularized, are germs really the source of disease, and what role has vaccination played in the fall of infectious diseases, then this complex subject begins to unfold into a much simpler issue."


A Brief History -- 7
Creating Vaccines -- 11
Vaccine Safety -- 12
Effectiveness 13
Declines in Disease -- 14
Reporting -- 22
Disease Classification -- 23
Vaccination Trials -- 24
Illness and the Immune System -- 26
Chronic Disease = Persistent Response -- 33
Susceptibility -- 37
Consequences of Acute Illness -- 38
Polio -- 40
Tetanus -- 42
Travel -- 44
Conclusion -- 45
Useful References -- 48

Trevor Gunn, BSc Hons LCH RSHom

Trevor Gunn graduated in Medical Biochemistry in 1983 and has been practising homeopathy since 1989. He is currently Vice Principal of the Japanese College of Homeopathy in London. Author of 'Mass Immunization - A point in question' and 'Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination', he has researched extensively into the effects of vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs on the human body.

He lectures in homeopathy, anatomy, physiology and pathology in many colleges in the UK and abroad. Trevor has a background in fitness education, physical training, dance and martial arts, although he now concentrates mainly on the practice of Tai Chi and his private practice in homeopathy.

Attracting many patients suffering the consequences of vaccines and drug intervention, Trevor has developed valuable insights into the causes and mechanisms of many of these conditions with an understanding of how to successfully treat them. Through his experience in homeopathy he has been able to understand the wider context of illnesses, especially of the so-called infectious illnesses, linking physical pathology to inherited traits, environmental issues, childhood development, mental and emotional states.

In his seminars Trevor is able to shed light on the key issues regarding human behavior in crisis, and the choices we make concerning our personal health. These issues will usually only come to light during moments of adversity, often when faced with disease, they rarely result in rational thought processes and can rarely be addressed by the presentation of more logical information but very often need to be dealt with by resolving significant emotional states.

Trevor considers himself fortunate to have contributed to many patients, students and teaching institutions, having written in various publications, lectured all over the UK and appeared on National TV and Radio. He has also taught in Japan, Lebanon, Iceland, Egypt, Croatia and Bosnia, for colleges, and support groups.