Book List

Klein — Orchids in Homeopathy

Homeopathic provings, materia medica and clinical data make up this comprehensive reference of the largest and most fascinating of plant families -Orchids.

Klein — Luminos Homeopathic Provings

The rigorous nature of Louis Klein's provings grew out of his Homeopathic Master Clinician Course.

Scholten — Sense Provings

Companion reference to Wonderful Plants by Jan Scholten

Eising — Provings Volume 2

Homeopathic provings of Broadband, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Vacuum

Eising — Provings Volume 1

Homeopathic provings of Mobile phone, Magnet, Time, Volcanic Ash, Meteorite.

Allen T — Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica

Twelve volumes comprise one of homeopathy's most comprehensive materia medica. References include the actual prover or clinical experience. The last two volumes are T.F. Allen's repertory.

Creveld — Diospyros kaki Creveld - World Tree

Diospyros kaki Creveld is the remedy made from the tree that survived the bombing of Nagasaki. This book contains the full dream proving, a botanical description, the phytotherapeutic information, chemical compounds and symbolism.

Creveld — Three Trees - Survivors on Earth

This book focuses on dream provings for three remarkable species of tree - including the 'World Tree' that survived being near the epicenter of the Nagasaki bomb explosion.

Evans M — Meditative Provings

Gorgeous yet controversial, vilified by some, cherished by others. This challenging book may resonate with a practitioner possessed of the open mind deemed so valuable by Our Founder.

Gray A — Experience of Medicine - 1

Homeopathic provings of the substances Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla), White Tailed Spider (Lampona cylindrata), and Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckerii).

Gray A — Experience of Medicine - 2

Homeopathic provings of the substances: Blatta orientalis, Bufo rana, Cactus grandiflorus, and Hippocampus kuda.

Gray A — Experience of Medicine - 3

Homeopathic provings of the substances: Licorice (Glycyrrhiza), Waratah (Telopea speciosissima), and Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Gray A — Experience of Medicine - 4

Provings of the homeopathic substances: Kauri (Agathis australis), Kowhai (Sophora microphylla), Mosquito (Culex pervigilens), and Pearl

Hahnemann — Materia Medica Pura

Hahnemann's investigations of a host of substances morphed between 1811 and 1833 to become the venerable mother of all our materia medica; ultimately containing 53 remedies.

Herrick — Animal Mind, Human Voices

Kent's wrote "All the milks should be potentized, they are our most excellent remedies; they are animal products and foods of early animal life and therefore correspond to the beginning of our innermost physical nature. This served to spur Herrick to prove Rat, Elephant, Lion, Wolf, Dolphin, Dinosaur, Butterfly, and Horse.

Herrick — Sacred Plants Human Voices

On the heels of Herrick's animal provings, this new book on plants is a much needed addition to the materia medica. It offers a deeper understanding of Lotus, Ginseng, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Mandragora, and Rose.

Herscu — Provings: Volumes I and II

In Volume I the technical fundamentals of provings are laid out in detail. Volume II continues this important work. Volume I contains the first modern proving of Alcoholus; a remedy that has been used often and with good effect in the treatment of children with autism, attention difficulties, and behaviour issues.

Leszczuk - Main — A Contemporary Repertory - Meditative Provings

This is a reportorial index to 'Meditative Provings: Volumes 1 and 2' by Madeline Evans.

Master F — Proving Moccasin Snake

The proving was started in April 1996 and continued till August 1998 using 16 provers and adhering to the protocols set out in the British Homoeopathic Journal, Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy, and the Dynamis School of Provings.

Pitt R — Tobacco

An Exploration of its Nature Through the Prism of Homeopathy. A credible proving rendered clinically useful by the fascinating exploration of the complex relationship between tobacco and humans.

Robbins P — Evolving Homeopathy

Towards a Developmental Approach to Homeopathy. Philip Robbins is an intuitive, precise Master Prover and the information he gives is of great use for the prescriber. Includes the proving of DNA.

Sankaran R — Provings

Provings of eleven remedies - organized into sections.The book uses the exact words of the provers and includes reportorial rubrics.

Schuster B — Bamboo

Homeopathic Proving of Bambusa arundinacea, Repertory, Cases; Second improved edition. Of excellent quality, both as a proving and as a physical book, Schusterís proving is a must for your collection.

Schuster B — Cola

Homeopathic proving of Cola nitida, Materia medica, Cases. The new remedy Cola belongs to the group of drug remedies, and Bernd Schuster's excellent proving makes it available to the practitioner.

Sehgal — Perfect Materia Medica of the Mind

Mind rubrics have been drawn from the Synthetic Repertory and grouped by remedy, then separated into singular symptoms and common symptoms. Additions from Synthesis, Murphy, and Dr Sehgal's own work round it out.

Sherr — Dynamic Provings Vol 1

The fellow who wrote the book on proving methodology presents provings of Neon, Adamas, Germanium, Androctonos, Haliaeetus, and Iridium.

Sherr — Dynamic Provings Vol 2

The Dynamis School presents provings for the new remedies: Salmon, Whooper and Bewick Swan, English and Pacific Yew tree, Olive tree and Brassica.

Sherr — Dynamics and Methodology of Homeopathic Provings

As ignorance of proving protocol diminishes the credibility of the results, the methodology presented in Sherr's book is the definitive guideline for achieving superior provings.

Sherr — The Homeopathic Proving of Chocolate

The Dynamis School brings us the proving of Chocolate and it just melts in the mouth. The first part of the book presents information about the substance itself and then presents a summary of the proving information as well as one prover's experience in its entirety.

Sherr — The Homeopathic Proving of Hydrogen

The homeopathic proving of the element, Hydrogen, from the man who wrote the book on modern provings.

Sherr — The Homeopathic Proving of Plutonium Nitricum

An indispensable homeopathic proving, including radiation toxicology, from the man who wrote the book on modern provings.

Shukla — The Quintessence of Homeopathic Remedies

Chetna Shukla writes up homeopathic provings & cases of the remedies Hawthorn, Mango, Oxygen, Sea Horse, Python, and Crow.

Vervarcke — Behind the Glass Screen: A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone

This title covers everything regarding this remedy, from the material substance to its specifics in potentized form - and further, explored and fleshed out with many cases.