The Herdsman's Introduction to Homeopathy

The Herdsman's Introduction to Homeopathy

  • Philip Hansford
  • Tony Pinkus




A vital guide for the dairy herder.

This is the second edition, rewritten with additions and in collaboration with Tony Pinkus, a homeopathic pharmacist.

52 pp pb
ISBN 0-9523411-3-1

From the Book

This, I believe, is the first introduction to homeopathic medicine written by a practising Dairyman who has had extensive experience in the management of dairy cattle. As such he is uniquely qualified to write on the common or everyday ailments affecting dairy livestock.

This book is the result of many years of patient observation of cattle ailments and their relevance to homeopathic treatment. From initial skepticism of the value of such an approach he has become wholly convinced of the efficacy of homeopathic treatment.

The various conditions to which he refers are clearly set out and should offer a ready-made guide to farmers and dairymen who wish to investigate this form of medicine and to partake in its undoubted benefits.

George Macleod MRCVS, DVSM

This little book is a most welcome addition to the library of cattle homeopathy books. The practical basis of the book is obvious from the text and the reader should gain reassurance from the authors' experience.

Whilst being brief, Mr Hansford has managed to include a great deal of invaluable information easily accessible in a handy small volume. A vital guide to homeopathy for the diary herdsperson.

Christopher Day MRCVS


Introduction -- 1
The Discovery of Homeopathy -- 2
The Preparation of the Homeopathic Dose -- 23
Case Taking and Selection of Remedy
-- Choice of the Correct Potency -- 57
Administration of the Remedy -- 8
Treatment of Conditions -- 10
Injuries -- 12
Wounds -- 14
Skin Disorders -- 16
Bites and Stings -- 18
Digestive Disorders -- 20
Feet -- 22
Mastitis -- 26
Infertility -- 33
Calving Problems -- 35
Calf Problems -- 39
Constitutional Remedies -- 44
Case Histories -- 49
Book List -- 51