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Keent - Unpublished Materia Medica book cover

J T Kent - Unpublished
Materia Medica

Ahmed Currim
A superbly researched and collated collection of Kent's lectures at various Homeopathic Colleges and his personal notes specific to many remedies. Includes materia medica of remedies not presented elsewhere by Kent (Abrotanum, Robinia, Tabacum etc).
Reg 60.00
SALE PRICE $44.95 qty:

Miasms, Heredity And Nosodes book cover

Notes On Miasms, Heredity
and Nosodes

Filip Degroote
This book makes an important contribution to our understanding the place of miasms in classical prescribing. Includes many valuable charts, complementary remedies, remedy groupings, muscle testing, 'classical' and bowel nosodes, acupuncture points, Bach flower/remedy relationships, and many sample cases.
Reg $27.00
SALE PRICE $23.95 qty:

Case Taking book cover

Case Taking - Best Practice
and creating meaning in the consulting room

Alastair Gray
An encyclopedic collation of case-taking knowledge. The author's take on patient-centered case taking is nuanced by references to Hahnemann, Kent, Dunham, Boenninghausen and many other great prescribers. A treasure trove of immediately relevant and applicable information.
Reg $33.95
SALE PRICE $28.95 qty:

Snakes to Simillimum book cover

Snakes to Simillimum
Farokh Master
After a journey to Instituto Butanta in Sao Paulo to study venomous snakes, Dr. Master began proving those snakes whose Materia Medica was not sufficient to evolve the mental picture. This book is the result of his exhaustive efforts, offering detailed provings of lesser known snake remedies.
Reg $75.00
SALE PRICE $45.00 qty:

Children - book cover

Roberto Petrucci
A godsend to any homeopathic practitioner who sees children. Dr. Petrucci's pediatric materia medica of 543 homeopathic remedies focuses on the pediatric picture of little known remedies. A unique arrangement of information in 20 Children Concepts, with valuable repertory data.
Reg $95.00 Out of Stock

Homeopathic Psychiatry book cover

Homeopathic Psychiatry
Liz Lalor
The focus of this work is the delusion rubrics. The author uses copious examples showing that a further understanding of the delusion rubrics will greatly enhance your case analysis skills. An extensive materia medica with accompanying cases helps define the meanings of these under-utilized rubrics.
Reg $49.95
SALE PRICE $41.95 qty:

The A Cappella Singer book cover

The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice
Amy Rothenberg
From a patient with allergies to a defiant child, from a man with reflux disease to an infertile woman, Dr. Rothenberg's informative stories offer insight into the philosophy and practical approaches she uses in the clinic. The inner workings of a modern day naturopath.
Reg $25.00
SALE PRICE $20.00 qty:

Anne Vervarcke

Snakes to Simillimum book cover

The Charm of Homeopathy
Anne Vervarcke
This book addresses professional homeopaths, where the author explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a disturbance at the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by the patient.
Reg $26.95
SALE PRICE $20.00 qty:

Behind the Glass Screen - book cover

Behind the Glass Screen
A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone

Anne Vervarcke
There are 3 parts to this book: an introduction to ozone in the environment; a magnificently crafted materia medica picture, drawing on Anne Shadde's proving as the centerpiece; and a series of compelling cases to illustrate the remedy used in reality.
Reg $26.95
SALE PRICE $20.00 qty:

Frederik Schroyens

Synthesis 9.1 book cover

Synthesis 9.1
Frederik Schroyens
The repertory by which all others are measured. It includes most of Boenninghausen's additions, along with Boger's, Boericke's and Phatak's. With painstaking dedication to detail, Schroyens has produced a tool most necessary for all serious practitioners.

Synthesis is an ongoing project to maintain the most accurate repertory in the world, not only by thinking about how a repertory is constructed but how thoroughly the contents are scrutinized.
Reg $225.00
SALE PRICE $165.00 qty:

Essential Synthesis book cover

The Essential Synthesis
Frederik Schroyens
Less is More... Easy to read and easy to use with no theoretical approaches, and no dream provings.

This is a precisely focused FULL REPERTORY, that includes only the proven essentials.
Reg $140.00
SALE PRICE $95.00 qty:

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