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Building your homeopathic reference library is one of the essential joys of our medical discipline. WholeHealthNow Books is run by practicing homeopaths who understand our healing art, as well as the needs of students, scholars and practitioners.

We are dedicated to bringing you every author and every text at the best possible price - from Sports Medicine and First Aid, through Cured Cases and Cancer. If you are just beginning to investigate homeopathy, perhaps with an eye toward your own health or that of a loved one, we have a solid selection of Introductory Books.

New & Notable

Clinical Observations of Children's Remedies, 3rd edition

  • Master F
The information generated by Dr. Master's vast clinical experience has been repeatedly confirmed. This reference tool has become an essential reference for the homeopathic treatment of children.
784 pp hb
ISBN 90-74456-11-1

Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Tayler R
An excellent practical resource for childbirth, well-produced with good graphics and clear layout.
164pp pb
ISBN 0-9685499-0-X

Lesser Known Remedies in Pediatrics

  • Master F
Dr. Master adds to our knowledge of clinical materia medica with these 118 small remedies.
82 pp pb
ISBN 978-963-88282-3-1


  • Vermeulen, Johnston
Homeopathic and Medicinal Uses from a Botanical Family Perspective. The world’s foremost authority on materia medica brings you four volumes of plants and plant cases categorized into more than 140 families.

United Kingdom
4,968 pp hb - 4 vols
ISBN 978-09-5590-659-6

Glimpses of the Association Between Fairy Tales and Homeopathy

  • Master F
Fairy tales reviewed through the lens of both Jungian and homeopathic understanding so that the reader's knowledge of materia medica and homeopathic philosophy may be enhanced.
176pp PB
ISBN - 978-81-319-1174-7

Comparative Materia Medica: Integrating New & Old Remedies

  • Pitt
This book offers an original perspective on comparative materia medica, incorporating information on newer and less understood remedies within the framework of well-known remedies. It clarifies and systematizes our study of materia medica, allowing us to navigate the complexities of materia medica study more effectively.
US, 527 pp., softcover, ISBN 978-0-976091-81-3