Sadhana Thakkar

DSH (UK) PCH (UK) PCHom (Malaysia) ADH (NZ) BAHons (NZ) AHA. ATMS. ARoH (Aus) RSHom (UK)


Sadhana Thakkar

Sadhana Thakkar, BHMS(Ind), RSHOM(NA), CCH, was born February 22, 1966.

Sadhana is a well-respected homeopath, an internationally recognized teacher, author, and the founder of the Homeopathy Health Care as well as National Institute of Classical Homeopathy. A homeopathic graduate from the Bombay University, India, she is a certified practitioner of Classical Homeopathy, a past president of North American Society of Homeopaths, and an honorary member of California Homeopathic Medical Society in the US.

Her homeopathic experience includes working in a homeopathic hospital as a resident homeopath, apprenticeship with an experienced homeopath, a busy private practice in Bombay, India, as well as private practice in the US.

She has authored and published many articles in various national and international journals, has completed her first book, Insights into Consciousness of Snake Remedies. Her next book, The Simple Truth, is scheduled for publication in 2009.

Her teaching experience includes teaching beginners as well as advanced practitioners of homeopathy in various parts of US, Canada, Switzerland, Egypt and India, and speaking at various conferences.

As a teacher, Sadhna is renowned for her extraordinary ability to simplify the practice of Homeopathy by tying together various aspects of homeopathic practice. She is known for inspiring students through her thought provoking discussions, passionate dedication and faith in the healing process, and her logical and systematic approach to the application of homeopathic principles.

Among her patients, Sadhna is known for her deep insight and non-judgmental presence in the patient's healing process while providing compassionate, empathetic and undirected support to the patient. She believes these are the core qualities not just for being a homeopath but also for being a healer.

She also firmly believes that the homeopathic treatment is a two way process where patients heal and practitioners grow. Sadhana's dedication and commitment to healing in addition to her extensive training has enabled her to help remove the suffering of her patients.

A resident of Thousand Oaks, California, Sadhana maintains a busy homeopathic practice from her offices in Thousand Oaks and Santa Monica.

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