Robert Bannan



Robert Bannan

Robert Bannan was born February 24th, 1961 in Leamington Spa, England.

Robert was introduced to homeopathy while living in Australia. He returned to England to study at the College of Homoeopathy in London. After graduating from the four-year program in 1989 he went on to study with Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis School for two years and has since maintained a regular study schedule with some of the world's finest homeopaths.

Mr. Bannan started homeopathic practice in 1989. He was a frequent lecturer at homeopathic colleges all over the UK as well as abroad. In 1994 the London College of Classical Homoeopathy awarded him an honorary licentiateship, in respect of his teaching contributions. Robert has taught in Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the USA.

From 1995-96 Robert worked in the Czech Republic to supervise the clinical practice of homeopathic doctors who had completed a three-year training organized by the London College of Classical Homoeopathy.

In 1997 he accepted an invitation from the Allen Academy to establish a high standard homeopathic training program in Wilmington, Delaware. Robert has been educating homeopathic practitioners and the general public with his lectures and presentations in the area ever since.

Robert has also compiled and edited two books about the life and work of two prominent American homeopathic physicians of the early twentieth century, C.M. Boger's "Collected Writings" and R.E.S. Hayes "Selected Papers and Presentations".

He has been actively involved in conducting provings; adding to the list of known homeopathic remedies as well as augmenting our knowledge of some poorly understood remedies. To date the remedies proven include Urtica urens, Tilia cordata, Abrotanum, Phytolacca and Maclura pomifera.

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