Patricia Hatherly

BA DipEd, BHSc (Hom)


Patricia Hatherly

Patricia Hatherly is an AROH- registered ( classical homœopath and naturopath who has, for nearly 20 years, run a busy clinical practice in the western suburbs of Brisbane. She has, however, spent nearly 40 years working with families (particularly mothers and babies) as a Lactation Consultant; Childbirth Educator and Parent Effectiveness Instructor.

This unusual combination of skills, added to the wealth of personal experience acquired through mothering three children (all breastfed), gives her a unique perspective on all matters pertaining to lactation.

Patricia has been for many years a clinical supervisor and lecturer in Materia Medica at the Brisbane campus of the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Currently she is the Queensland branch president of the AHA (Australian Homœopathic Association). And, as a former past president of the AHA National Council,
Patricia now represents the AHA at the ICH.

Patricia is a well-known speaker both in Australia and overseas, and is the author of The Homœopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation and The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory. Sharing knowledge is her passion; and, as well as her e-Newsletter Milk Matters, Patricia is a regular contributor to journals both national and international.

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