Norma Gilli-Callahan

RN, ND P.G. Hom


Norma has a full time practice in Florida, where she is also Director of the East-West Homeopathic College, operates its low cost teaching clinics, and supervises cases for students and graduates.

She received her doctorate in natural medicine with a specialty in Homeopathy. She has completed two year, advanced, post-graduate courses in homeopathy in London and Calcutta, and has trained and conducted research in Calcutta.

Norma teaches pathology and homeopathy at a post-graduate level. She has written on homeopathy and other medical topics, and has practiced in Australia, India and London.

She is involved in several research projects, one of which is homeopathic treatment of diabetes. She has presented homeopathic papers at national conferences, and has published in medical journals as well as presented at international conferences.

Norma is a retired RN, and she has an MS in biomedical engineering. She is also a Naturopathic Physician with a specialization in homeopathy.

Norma has been head nurse in CCU and shock trauma units, and spent 17 years in cardiac research in implantable defibrillators and anti-tachycardia devices, as well as dual chamber pacemakers. She holds 144 patents.

Norma works extensively in diabetes and presently received a diabetes grant for testing in minority and low-income populations, as well as for research on prevention.