Joe Tooker


Joe Tooker was born April 26, 1949 in Mt Kisco, New York. After graduating from the Loomis School in Connecticut in 1967, he attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where he graduated in 1971.

Subsequently, Mr. Tooker attended the School of Biodynamic Agriculture at Emerson College in Sussex, England. There he received an intensive education in all aspects of Biodynamic (organic) agriculture from the renowned soil scientist, Herbert Koepf. The seeds of this teaching inspired him and he dedicated himself to two farms that he owned and founded from scratch in California.

A growing public demand for organic produce was met by his abundant harvests and in this manner his efforts were continually reinforced. Mr. Tooker served on an advisory board for alternative agriculture at the University of California at Davis, and went on to produce a farm video on Biodynamic agriculture that summarized his techniques and philosophy on plants, soil, and livestock.

He traveled to New Zealand in 1989 where he gave lectures at farms and universities on biodynamic agriculture and homeopathy.

Mr. Tooker was always fascinated with homeopathy. His parents used it with him and his siblings, but he didn't embark on a professional training until his seven-year residence in Switzerland.

There he became familiar with the naturopathic tenets of health and lifestyle under the tutorship of the Swiss Naturopath, Alfred Vogel. He also received training in eurythmy at the Goetheanum in Switzerland where he used curative eurythmy on patients of anthroposophical doctors.

After returning to the United States, he received four years of clinical training from Giri Wescott and Sheilagh Creasy in Tiburon, California (Sheilagh is considered by many the 'grand dame' of Classical Homeopathy with over 50 years clinical experience throughout the world).

Mr. Tooker also completed a three-year training at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in Oakland, California. He went on to finish the master clinician course with Louis Klein in Berkeley and Los Angeles and received eight years of clinical training with Vega Rozenberg in Arizona.

For the last twelve years he has worked with homeopathic clients from his office in Orinda, California. He regularly advises and teaches complementary practitioners including physicians, chiropractors, and acupuncturists around the country.