Garth Boericke



Garth Boericke

Garth Wilkinson Boericke graduated from the U. of Michigan Med. Dept. in 1918. He later became was president of the AIH and taught materia medica at the AFH Post-Graduate Course.

He was also Professor of therapeutics at the Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. Boericke distinguished himself in two remarkable ways while at Hahnemann.

He developed a method for the selection of homoeopathic remedies called the Lipoid Flocculation test as well as was the last teacher of homeopathy at Hahnemann.

To observe the effect of the homoeopathic remedies in the Lipoid Flocculation test, one selects on the basis of the symptomatology a group of drugs which seems likely to be indicated. Out of this group of drugs, tested one at a time, the drug that is able to completely prevent the flocculation is the correct remedy or similimum.

One study showed that out of 680 cases tested only 2% of cases proved not amenable to the test.

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