Edward Bach



Edward Bach

Edward Bach was born forty-three years after Hahnemann's death. He developed the very interesting method of healing mostly using the flowering part of plants, herbs, bushes, and trees.

His medical discovery was a very interesting story as well. He was, even as a child, very intrigued by nature and her healing powers and combined that with a deep compassion for all who suffered. He started his medical career and observed people in the hospital partake of medicines but often did not see good results in response to these medicines.

When he closely observed different types of people, he found that they had different temperaments. There was the anxious type, the angry type, the reluctant type or hesitant type, and so forth; and he noticed that certain people, although they had different temperaments, had been prescribed the same remedy for a similar ailment, for example for a heart ailment, but it would not work in each case.

Bach concluded that the temperament or mental set was another factor in the prescription and diagnosis and that it could guide to a correct prescription.

But he felt that the medicines of that day were not reflective of such intricacies in the diagnosis, and they were simply just aiming at the organ itself; and the similarity of the organ disease was the key, not the whole person with the mental set.

Bach learned of homeopathy at the Homeopathic Hospital in London when he accepted a position there as a pathologist and bacteriologist, although he never practiced as a homeopath. The Bach remedies were originally made from dew collected from the flowers in the morning.

They are now made by floating petals of flowers on pure water in the sunlight. The petals are removed when they wilt and the water is then mixed with brandy to prevent spoiling. These are not homeopathic tinctures.

Furthermore, they have never had Hahnemannian provings done, a listing of symptoms has not been compiled, and they are not prescribed based on their similarity.

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