Damian J Sorichta



Mr. Damian Sorichta, was born January 23, 1970 in Piekary, in Poland.

He studied for three years at the renowned Heilpraktiker Fachschule [School of Practitioners], Walter Knäpper, in Bochum, Germany. Areas of study were acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, ozone therapy, phytotherapy, drainage techniques and homeopathy.

This was followed by a two-year course (310+ hours) in classical homeopathy at the Rhein-Ruhr Akademie für Homöopathik & Miasmatik [Academy for homeopathics and miasmatics]

The subject of his final thesis was Miasmatic Causes For Events Of Cancer And Its Miasmatic Cure, as well as a proving of Carcinosinum. Both his final and intermediate examinations were passed summa cum laude.

Mr. Sorichta has been successfully practicing for more than 7 years as a non-medical practitioner for children and adults in Hattingen, Germany, where he has been working solely according to the rules of classical miasmatic homeopathy.

From 1997 until 1999 he was the head of the homeopathic workgroup for doctors, midwifes and nurses at the St. Josef Hospital in Essen, Germany.

Since 1999 he has been giving lectures on miasmatic homeopathy at national and international seminars.

In 2000 Mr. Sorichta founded the Miasmatischen Powertage © [Miasmatic Power Days]. These are intensive courses on the miasmatic homeopathic curative art.

Since February 2001 he has been the head of the Wittener Therapeutenkreis of the DGKH für Homöopathik & Miasmatik [Therapeutic Circle For Homeopathics And Miasmatics Of The German Registered Society For Classical Homeopathy], where the miasmatic curative art is taught.

Mr. Sorichta has been working in the field of miasmatics since 1992.

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