Barbara Seideneck

CHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)


Barbara Seideneck

Barbara Seideneck has been the director of the Homeopathy School International (HIS) since 1991. She started her practice in Boulder, Colorado in 1994. As a native of Germany, Barbara has been acquainted with homeopathy as a traditional holistic healing system since childhood.

Her interest in homeopathy and natural health grew, when she looked for treatment of a seriously ill family member in 1974. She moved to the US in 1978 and studied a variety of healing modalities before dedicating her studies to homeopathy in the mid 1980's.

In 1997 Barbara received national certification in classical homeopathy by the Council of Homeopathic Certification. Barbara has a background in Yoga and nutrition and holds certifications in Swedish and deep tissue massage, myo-fascial alignment, neuro-muscular therapy and body centered awareness techniques.

Barbara works with a team of faculty and student tutors at the Homeopathy School International to provide homeopathic education worldwide. Full-length sessions of all resident classes, clinics and seminars at the school are digitally recorded on high quality DVDs and are available for distance education. Programs at the school include practitioner courses as well as courses for personal and family care.

Barbara especially enjoys teaching and working with case supervision. During her free time she loves hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Barbara has published provings of Aquilegia Coerulea (Rocky Mountain Columbine), Aquilegia Vulgaris (Common Columbine ) and Amethyst.

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